Hi friends, many of you ask for my recommendations for everyday household products. Here is a hub I will update frequently with all my home favorites. Comment with products I need to add or a category I haven’t added. Below are affiliate links to help support my channel. When you purchase through my links you are funding this website, so thank you! 

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ethical fashion because the true cost documentary, sustainable fashion blogger

Salud Shoppe dress, ethical and organic, click photo for blog post

Laundry detergent- After trying MANY over the years… the others left my clothes dingy and I had to throw away my whites until this one!

  • great for washing cloth diapers, eco-friendly
  • Fragrance and dye free
  • Made with Biodegradable Surfactants
  • Phosphate Free
  • No optical brighteners
  • Hypo-Allergenic. Gentle On Sensitive Skin!
  • Gluten free; no coconut-derived ingredients

Laundry brightener- Chlorine free & color safe. Oxygen Bleach is a unique, all natural cleaner that does more than just brighten colors and whites. Contains natural fabric and water conditioners, grapefruit seed extract and special detergent boosters that fight stains.

• Cleans tough stains and odors, whitens and brightens
• 3X more concentrated — cleans up to 32 loads
• SAFE for high-efficiency (HE) washers
• No artificial colors or fragrance
• Works on most household stains, too!

Laundry treatment to remove mineral buildup and dingyness

  • also great for stripping cloth diapers

Spot treatment/stain remover life saver! even washed out cat vomit on our rug. yuck.


best coffee alternative for holistic living

click photo for coffee alternative blogpost


most used kitchen appliance, I bought two! this model is my fav, I strongly recommend you DO NOT buy the new bluetooth model. Seriously, after this you’ll get rid of your rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker, and thank me. I talk about my love affair in this favorites video here.

My Blender for EVERYTHING! Second Best purchase we ever made, after the above mentioned appliance.

the only culinary knife you’ll ever need. I researched knives for over a year before we bought this one. Now 3 family members have it after I raved. Lifetime sharpening warranty. Japanese company and you know Japan is famous for their knives. I spoke about it a year ago in my favorites video you can watch below.

Coffee maker (no plastic) 

Nut milk bag (hemp, no chemicals or synthetics)

Food chopper, cheap (under $15) and OMG so helpful for dicing onions, no tears! Chop, slice, mandolin, grate, non electric (hand pulled)

glassware & jar cleaning sponge perfect for quickly cleaning all those mason jars. can buy refillable head separately

dish brush + ceramic soap dispenser super affordable cute bamboo and ceramic set, brush is replaceable

countertop compost bin this is plastic because the metal canister I had in the past did not fare well. I left it with food in my garage for 2 weeks once (oops!) and the bacteria ate a hole straight through the bottom! It was a gift so not sure on the model but this plastic one is super heavy duty and perfect for collecting food scraps on your kitchen counter or store in fridge.

Stainless steel cookie sheets super affordable, comes with 3 sheets (perfect size for toaster oven). Please do not use aluminum baking or cooking ware. Google the harmful effects of continued use of aluminum, leeches into your food!

reusable silicone sealable food bag (available in 3 sizes, we’ve bought many! I recommend to hand wash and DO NOT turn inside out to dry or else you weaken seems.

cloth paper towels option 1: (for wiping and small spills, drying dishes)

option 2: for heavy duty cleaning, extremely absorbent + thick, long lasting and large. Work horse for all home cleaning needs. Not a traditional material but a hack I found works THE BEST!! I use both option 1& 2 in my kitchen depending on my needs. Haven’t bought paper towels in 4 years.

Wetbag for storing dirty/wet kitchen rags I hang our wetbag on a hook and looks decorative (tons of prints available) We’ve been using it for 4 years when we originally bought it for cloth diapers. STILL going strong!



the ethical silk co. read my blogpost all about this ethical silk pillowcase, all skincare enthusiasts need

read my blogpost all about this ethical silk pillowcase, all skincare enthusiasts need

affordable bidet (unique because it has a wash option for women!) see my instagram post about mine here. Easy install, no plumber needed, fits over your toilet seat. This is essential, especially for women (menstruation, post sex clean up, prone to vaginal infections, and overall smell and cleanliness).

yoga mat (non toxic, no plastic + biodegradable) perfect for those of us that slip. This is the ultimate grip and I see my yoga instructors use it too. I researched heavily before buying mine a few years ago and it’s held up perfect. Bought the extra long version for my husband and kids one for Penny!

Organic kapok filling for stuffing pillows, cushions, diys (super affordable and we use to fill our sofa cushions when they get flat)! Or you can diy your own organic cheap pillow (retail $100-$200 for kapok pillows online)

best book on essential oils, is a must read for both beginners and long time users. Was recommended by skincare expert formulator Josh Rosebrook so of course I had to buy it. You’ll find how to get started, everyday rituals for self care, aromatherapy, building an essential oil medicine cabinet and diy recipes. Has important safety information as well as unique information on essential oils I’ve never read elsewhere backed by research.

No. 1 plant based cookbook in my humble opinion. Recipes are simple but flavors are robust. Healthy twists on everyday favorites and recipes on staples like hummus, nut milk, chia pudding, and granola. My Most referenced cookbook and other people who’ve bought it on my recommendation love it as well. Let’s just say this is my go to gift idea.