Bow Tie Dress 4 Ways

Over the past 2 years I’ve become keen on sustainable fashion. One dress 4 ways, is a new series on my blog focusing on ethical and sustainable fashion. This bow tie dress with blue ticking is from the Salud Shoppe. I styled this dress 4 ways to show you the versatility of 1 dress! Of course there are many more ways to style this dress, but I chose my favorite outfits. I love this dress because it can be worn year round and dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  Also a great piece to pack for a vacation because it provides so many outfit options. I wore it to San Fransisco last month as a blouse (knotted on the side) with jeans. I didn’t include that outfit in this post because that’s my summer style and I kept these fall themed.

Sustainable fashion is in.

Alison Metcalfe, the owner of Salud Shoppe gifted me this dress last winter. I’ve been wearing it for almost an entire year. The dress is clearly made with quality materials because I’ve worn it dozens of times and it still looks new. Although I do admit, I loathe ironing so the bow tie is wrinkled. I had a traumatic burn accident with an iron as a child so I have a valid excuse for never ironing! The fabric is 45% Organic Cotton / 55% Hemp. Since the fabric is 55% hemp, it’s a bit stiff before you wash and wear it in. Gets softer the more you wear it. But I believe that is why the fabric integrity has worn so well.

Alison the owner, has committed herself to creating sustainable capsule collections. Meaning she keeps relatively the same classic styles year round. Instead of perpetually creating 52 seasons, like fast fashion stores such as Forever 21; Salud Shoppe has slow fashion in mind. Incorporating classic, timeless pieces that are made to last will help you save money and the environment in the long term. Don’t you hate how fast fashion trends make you feel like your clothes from last year are garbage? Inversely, this bow tie dress is still for sale a year later!

Each garment on the website has specific manufacturing descriptions. This dress:

Sourcing Theory is a woman-owned manufacturing facility based in Los Angeles, CA.  Sourcing Theory was founded by Jaleh Factor with a vision to promote fair wages and transparency within the supply chain for brands both large and small. With her vision and action, she has built a commitment to brands to promote sustainable manufacturing and keep it in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

A great video I recently saw explained the differences between the conscious fashion terms, watch it here.

Outfit #1

Wearing the dress on it’s own with a belt around the waist is of course the easiest way. In the fall, I pair it with tights and a pair of ankle boots. I’m 5’4″ and usually wear a size small, but got this dress in medium to allow more length and wear it as a dress comfortably. Dress is sleeveless so as the weather gets colder feel free to wear a long sleeve underneath.

Because it is baggy around the waist I pair it with a skinny belt. I thrifted this belt and added extra holes to wear it around my waist. The length is too long so I twist and fold it to make it look more put-together. Black ankle boots are a classic staple that can dress up any outfit. I recently bought these boots on Poshmark. It’s an app where you can buy and sell your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Great deals!

For all makeup details you can read this post. All makeup is natural, organic, non toxic and most importantly fabulous. I’m wearing the same makeup in all these outfits. Not kidding when I say it’s my-go-to.

fall capsule wardrobe, ethical sustainable fashion, organic dress

fall capsule wardrobe, ethical sustainable fashion, organic dress


Outfit #2

fall capsule wardrobe, ethical sustainable fashion, organic dressSecond outfit adds a crew knit sweater. I thrifted this 100% cotton sweater last year. The taupe color contrasts the dark blue dress. The cable knit adds more texture and dimension to the outfit. The crew neck accentuates the bow tie (sorry for the wrinkles ha!), but I seriously refuse to press anything. If you pressed the bow tie, it looks very beautiful (you can see on website).

My friend called this my ‘Harry Potter’ outfit 😉 and I love it! The bottom of the dress looks like a feminine skirt. I wore the same nude tights and black ankle boots. Alternatively, in the winter you could add knee high socks and tall boots.

one dress 4 ways, capsule wardrobe ideas for fall


Outfit #3
fall capsule wardrobe, ethical sustainable fashion, organic dress

Third outfit transforms this dress into a blouse. Since it’s long you don’t have to worry about it puckering up and untucking. I love high waisted skirts because they accentuate all the right curves. After having 2 kids, my stomach isn’t as flat as it once was so high waist is where it’s at! Alternatively, you could buy this piece as a blouse here.

This skirt is my favorite skirt of all time. I thrifted it a few months ago and it was vintage love. The fabric is heavy weight wool so it’s nice and warm. The pleats give me all the feels in this comfortable classic. I have a thrift store near my house that always has the best vintage clothes. Scope out ones near you and find which ones suit your needs. I find locally owned thrift stores are the best. Goodwill sells all the good high end items on their website auction!


fall capsule wardrobe, ethical sustainable fashion, organic dress

Outfit #4

fall capsule wardrobe, ethical sustainable fashion, organic dress

Final outfit adds a chic black coat and ties back the bow tie. I tied back the collar and the jacket hides the knot. It exposes ones décolletage giving you a sexier look. There are buttons that go down to belly button area. Giving you lots of options in how low you want to go. Since it’s chilly out I wore a camisole underneath but in L.A. weather you could take this low!

I kept the belt on from outfit #1 to bring in my waist. This coat brings me life! My mom is a fashionista and gives me the best vintage pieces. This virgin wool coat is in impecaable condition- and you guessed it: thrifted! This is a brand you’d find at Nieman Marcus. I make it a point to only buy or wear used/thrifted/upcycled wool. I would much rather make use of pre-existing wool than see it in a landfill. I feel the same way about leather. Before you buy new wool please take some time and see if you can find an existing piece that fits your style. Sustainable fashion can be so affordable when you thrift!


fall capsule wardrobe, ethical sustainable fashion, organic dress



You can buy the bow tie dress here.



ftc: Not sponsored, just a fan of Salud Shoppe. Dress was gifted to me. Not an affiliate, aka I don’t make any money if you buy the dress.