Green beauty products I’ve used up down to the last drop. Also bringing you what I replaced the empty green beauty products with. If you are new to my blog, welcome! Featured are only the best quality ingredients in clean beauty.  I’ve been minimizing my skincare collection and as a result finishing products through their entirety much more frequently. Over the last few years my routine has changed tremendously, up until the last 6 months that is. As a beauty blogger, I want to test out new products but my skin gets angry. It likes routine and I’ve come to find products that have become staples. Here are a few products that I recently used up and I wanted to share their replacements. Did I repurchase or try something new?

I have several product empties and replacements in this video. I have 5 more skin and haircare empties I wrote down in this blog post. The products in the video and blog post are different. Double the content yay! Let me know what you think of this format in the comments below please. Love your feedback it’s so helpful and brings me a smile.

Watch this video for more makeup and skincare empties!

For more empties…


  1. May Lindstrom, the honey mud $90

may lindstrom the honey mud review and empties

I’m currently on my third or fourth jar. The honey mud is permastash.  Although I’ve tried lots of dupes, none compare, at least for me. I tried the straight Manuka honey that people swear is the same but it is certainly not. The honey mud feels like pudding and smells of enveloping cacao, vanilla, and honey. You can use it as a cleanser on wet skin and it melts into a milky cleanser. Cleaning your skin of impurities and dirt with white halloysite clay and colloidal silver. Nourishes with honey and macadamia nut oil.

My favorite way to apply it is on dry skin as a mask. I will apply it first thing in the morning. Talk about a morning pick me up! Leave it on while I get my kids ready for school and then wash it off before breakfast. So about an hour or more of wear leaves my skin absolutely happy. The enzymes gently lift away dead skin leaving supple, balanced, and incredibly soft skin. The perfect canvas for the next steps in your skincare ritual.

In a recent newsletter email, May stated there are a few changes to all new batches of honey mud:

I am welcoming into our family an incredible maker who is now masterfully and exclusively crafting the most amazing RAW cacao oleoresin for us FRESH on demand (unheard of!)… I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with the nuanced aroma of our bespoke cacao and how it dances within this iteration of The Honey Mud. The aromatic result of this gentle processing is a true raw cacao scent that develops over time within each unique jar to read as a more subtle, gorgeous honeyed hot chocolate, rather than the sweeter, toasted-liqueur profile of its predecessor. .. Our fresh-made cacao oleoresin began making its way into our first new batches of  The Honey Mud and The Jasmine Garden beginning in July 2017. Cacao is loaded with healthy fats and acids, magnesium, and active nutrients to protect, promote and renew skin cell tissue. A plethora of antioxidants neutralize free radicals, preventing damage to collagen, elastin and other proteins in the skin.

the honey mud close up, can see the black specks of cacao in the reformulation

photo by May Lindstrom

Citrine Beauty sent me the new reformulation with the cacao oleoresin. You can see specks of it in the jar, like in this photo. The scent is different and I was disappointed at first. I loved the sweet liqueur aroma of the original formula. Although the scent is different the efficacy is still there and I still enjoy using it. I noticed the scent gets more enveloping the more I use it. I just find change difficult sometimes. You can buy it here from Citrine Beauty. Discounts are not valid on May Lindstrom products on any sites.


  1. EVOLVh, Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo $26

evolvh shampoo is non toxic and clarifying, green beauty shampoo, empties review

I discovered this shampoo last year in a discovery set Margot from the Choosy Chick sent me. She’s always introducing me to new fabulous products—thank you Margot! For reference, my hair is super thick, wavy, and easily tangled. My scalp gets dry and flaky easily. I had been searching for an effective shampoo for …well my whole life! Even when I used conventional hair products they never left my scalp balanced. When I switched to natural shampoo I had hella greasy hair! I tried the no poo method and after failing to find a good cleanser I cut off my hair into a bob. It was extreme, I was postpartum with my first baby. Had I known about Evolvh then, would’ve saved myself the years it’s taken to grow my hair out.

This shampoo cleans all the grime and grease off my scalp and follicles. I’ve been using it for over 8 months now and still love it. I went through a few trial size bottles before investing in the larger size and now as you can see I’ve already got a new bottle. It also helps with my dandruff issues. I still have to do an apple cider vinegar rinse every time I wash my hair. That is the only way to keep my scalp from getting too much dandruff. I wash my hair twice a week and never use dry shampoo. This keeps my hair from looking grimy after a few days of being unwashed. You can shop it at the Choosy Chick or Petit Vour. It sells out fast so options.

  1. Innersense, Hydrating Cream Conditioner $30

innersense hydrating conditioner for dry hair is non toxic, luxurious green beauty shampoo

I’ve been using the Innersense hair care line for 2 years now. However, this conditioner was released March 2017 in the Beauty Heroes subscription box. I bought the box from a friend because she didn’t like it. This conditioner is targeted for dry, thirsty hair. I apply it on my ends and leave it on while I shave. Leaves my hair super silky and detangled. I feel a difference when I use other conditioners and believe this one is a top contender for dry hair. One of my subscribers was kind enough to send me hers after receiving it in her BH box. I’m pretty low on this second bottle, but have 2 other brands to finish off. I do think it’s worth the price and will buy it again. Shop it at Citrine Beauty code ERIKA10 saves you.


  1. UMA, Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil $70

uma intensely nourishing hair oil review and innersense harmonic healing oil review

Continuing with hair and Beauty Heroes! Another good friend of mine received this in her beauty heroes box last year and didn’t like it so she sent it to me. This is the 2nd bottle I’ve gone through and as you can see I’m replacing it with the Innersense harmonic healing hair oil. The biggest reason for the switch.. the Uma oil is $70 vs. Innersense oil is $24 (both 1 oz.).

The Uma aromatherapy is decadent and enveloping. Extremely strongly scented and not for the faint of heart. I think this is one of those love it or hate it scents. Personally the aromatherapy captures my soul and thoroughly relaxes me. The oil itself works great at smoothing my ends and keeping my hair shiny. I oil my hair before I brush or braid it. I know this is what keeps split ends away. I just can’t dish out $70 for hair oil when the Innersense works just as well. The scent is sweet and although it’s nothing special in terms of scent, it keeps my hair shiny and healthy. If you have the budget and want to treat yourself get the Uma. Alternatively, you can use your body oil on your hair ends and that works great too! Shop Uma here or the Innersense at Citrine Beauty code ERIKA10.


  1. OSEA (oh-see-ya), undaria algae oil $48

OSEA undaria algae oil for body, non toxic and organic body oil for stretch marks

This OSEA body oil would suit pretty much anyone. The scent is barely there, which is great when you are sensitive to scent or want to wear perfume. Have you tried a body oil? I love them especially in the spring and summer. Getting out of a steamy shower and applying the oils on my slightly damp skin. Moisturizes while leaving a gorgeous sheen on my skin. I noticed that massaging body oils regularly has led to my stretch marks fading. Plus, the OSEA body oils are 6 oz which is a lot of bang for your buck. You can use it liberally and daily.

osea anti aging body balm, white cream coconut oil texture

Anti aging body balm photo by OSEA

I rotate between body oils heavily and always have a few in my routine. In the winter I lean towards the OSEA Anti-Aging Body Balm. It’s in the same glass, pump packaging. The formula is a hybrid between an oil and balm. It’s white and creamy from the coconut oil, but melts on contact. It can feel heavy when first applied but I love this feeling in the winter when my skin is dry and parched. Currently, I’m finishing up the Osmia night body oil. Another Beauty Heroes reject from my friend Lacy haha! Shop OSEA body here.

We tend to neglect our body and focus on our face but our body deserves TLC too! Do yourself a favor and get a body oil or butter.



Believe it or not, I still have more empties to share but that will be another post. Do you enjoy long blog posts? Comment down below and let me know. There is so much pain in the world right now and although beauty posts may seem trivial. Sometimes we need light hearted content to allow our mind to relax and unwind. I hope my content can bring you some relief and a safe place to chat. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and spread the magic of green beauty. Subscribe to newsletter for new posts, giveaway, but never junk!


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