evolvh ultrashine moisture shampoo, vegan and cruelty free non-toxic shampoo review

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Looking for the best natural non-toxic shampoo, but tired of continued disappointment? I’m here to help you. I too struggled with finding an effective non-toxic shampoo for many years. To the extent that 4 years ago, I cut off my beloved waist length hair into a bob. I was postpartum and struggling with oily, greasy, unkempt hair. I tried the no poo method… the one people swear baking soda and apple cider vinegar or just not using any shampoo will allow your scalp to magically recalibrate and self-clean… Ya that was a disgusting experiment I tried for a month. No thank you. Not ever again. I want to leave my house and not feel like a grease ball.

evolvh ultrashine moisture shampoo, vegan and cruelty free non-toxic shampoo review

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In retrospect, even the expensive salon quality Toni & Guy shampoos I was suckered into buying didn’t cleanse or balance my scalp. I still suffered from dandruff and had to wash my hair every other day to avoid said grease ball. For reference, I have oily skin and hair. My scalp gets dry and flakey with dandruff, but I’m convinced it’s an internal health/dietary side effect. My hair is very thick, a bit course, and curly to wavy depending on length and weather. My scalp holds onto grime like it’s white on rice.

5 years ago, I embarked on the journey to switch to the best natural non-toxic shampoo. Let’s first talk about the non-toxic shampoos that didn’t cut it.

I bought many cleaner shampoo options from local health markets i.e. Alba, Shea Moisture, Andalou Naturals, Dr. Bronners (very drying!), Aubrey, and so many more I can’t remember. The issue was that some seemed to work at first but halfway through the bottle my scalp had serious build up and felt nasty. My hair didn’t feel clean and looked unkempt again. I tried the Acure line that was ok, but not great. My hair didn’t look silky shiny, but for drugstore it was the best. It’s very affordable, but I’m willing to spend a bit more for my hair. Although if you are super tight on cash, go for Acure. Located in Whole Foods, Sprouts, Target, and even Amazon, you can find it easily and under $10 usually. If you want the entire Acure line and want to support a small business, you can buy it via the Choosy Chick, a mom owned online retailer.

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Since the natural drugstore options weren’t wowing me I decided to spend more and try the luxury green beauty brands. The Josh Rosebrook line (both Balance and Nourish) worked great at first, but again, after a few weeks my hair felt too grimy and build up occurred. Same with the 100% Pure Glossy Locks hair care line. I tried all 4 glossy locks- both shampoos and conditioners and ended up giving them away. Then I discovered a local organic salon in Phoenix that carried Innersense. I basically bought the entire hair care line and it was the most effective but I had to wash my hair 2-3 times every time I washed my hair, multiple times a week for the shampoo to cleanse my hair. That is way too much work and too expensive for long term. I ended up giving it to my husband and daughter and continued my search.

I promise I’m getting to the part about which shampoo actually WORKS, but I had to give you the entire struggle to build us up to this point! Margot from the Choosy Chick recommended I try Evolvh hair care products and I had nothing to lose. I had heard rave reviews, but at this point that meant little to me as many had raved about the above mentioned shampoos. Needless to say, I was hooked upon first wash.

The Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo is unique because the formula clarifies your scalp while leaving your hair hydrated. It balances hair’s pH level in order to leave it strong and silky.  Actives such as seaweed extract, mango, and apricot deliver crucial nutrients to dry strands. Furthermore, amino and fatty acids restore hair strength. It does lather quite nicely without the harsh chemicals.This shampoo has helped the most with my dandruff issues but doesn’t heal it completely so I have to always supplement with an ACV rinse after I condition my hair once a week. The ACV rinse is the most helpful way to treat dandruff. You can watch my beauty hack video here to watch how I make the diy and the ratios I use. The shampoo does have a citrus scent (not synthetic, but all naturally derived) that isn’t the most pleasant, but it doesn’t bother me. I have been using this shampoo for an entire year and while I’ve sampled others I always go back to Evolvh.  The hype is true in this case, happy to report. You can read my last empties post featuring this shampoo.


Evolvh Moisture Shampoo review. vegan non toxic shampoo and conditioner

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Evolvh recently launched a curly hair line that I was lucky enough to test a few weeks ago at launch. The Smart Curl Hydrating Wash (shampoo) formula is similar to the original but the scent is stronger in my opinion. Scent is naturally derived but quite harsh. Not enough that I wouldn’t use the shampoo, but a warning for those very sensitive to scent. Thankfully the scent doesn’t linger in my hair. The formula is suited for those with curly hair and since I only air dry, I noticed it does reduce frizz quite a bit. My curls and waves are more defined and my hair felt silkier after the conditioner. I wasn’t impressed with the original conditioner, but the new Smart Curl Hydrating Conditioner on the other hand is something to write home about. My hair felt silky soft and looked vibrant. The type of feeling and freshnesses after a haircut. SmartCurl is a premium, salon quality line made with optimal ingredients including Kiwi Seed Oil, Castor Seed Oil and Sunflower Oil to minimize breakage and maximize growth. I like the curl formula slightly more than the original and will probably repurchase the curl shampoo when I’m empty. Maybe it will be the next best natural non-toxic shampoo.

The Evolvh Discovery Kit is the perfect way to test the 4 best sellers to see if they work for you. The 4 piece travel kit has travel sizes for $38. Travel kit includes: 2.5 oz. Conditioner, 2 oz. Shampoo, 2 oz. Leave-in Conditioner, 2 oz. Repair Reconstructing Masque. Alternatively, you can purchase travel sizes separately (2.5 oz $8) last a long time and you definitely know if you want to repurchase or not.The full size 8.5 oz bottle is $26 which is still very reasonable as a little goes a long way. A bottle will last me over 6 months washing my thick, long hair, bi-weekly.

air dry my hair, no products post shower here. Washed with Evolvh Moisture Shampoo. vegan non toxic shampoo

air dry my hair, no products post shower here. Washed with Evolvh Moisture Shampoo.


ftc: this is not sponsored. I was initially sent the moisture shampoo to test and bought multiple bottles since. The new curl hair line was gifted to me. Affiliate links are used. Thank you for always supporting my channel and using my links to help fund this endeavor. I only endorse products and brands I believe in. I test dozens of products monthly and only post my favorites. Or duds!