Our skin changes and evolves throughout the seasons and years. We wax and wane in and out of good or bad skin days. Today I want to share 5 clean beauty products for winter skincare that you need to know about. I also want to let you in on an OSEA Malibu giveaway for a $175 gift card! Keep reading for details. You’ll also find helpful information in this video review I created on the top OSEA skincare products, you can watch here. Happy Holidays!

1. MUN Akwi Cleanser $60

mun balm oil cleanser washes off with water

cleanse the day way

MUN is one of the best skincare lines because it’s minimal and the formulations are backed by botanicals and science. Akwi, the cleanser, will balance, moisturize, and protect your skin from environmental pollutants.

The formulation is a hybrid between a balm and an oil cleanser. The castor oil pulls out excess dirt and breaks down makeup. Massage gently for a few minutes concentrating on clogged pores to unplug. I like to concentrate on my nose as blackheads tend to form home base there.

Washes off with warm water. You can use a washcloth but in my experience, that leaves my skin too dry. Post rinse, your skin may not feel “squeaky clean” but that’s good! Our skin should not feel tight after cleansing, that will cause a lot of skin issues and it’s especially bad when you have oily skin. You can buy Akwi here for 15% off all MUN products with my affiliate code: ecosummerlife.

♦Quick points:

→pH-balancing (ranges 4.7-5.5)

→removes makeup (even waterproof)


→massage to unclog pores

2. OSEA Sea Vitamin Boost $16-$38

green beauty toner review for all skin types

red is from pomegranate extract, no artificial dyes

This mist is by far the most versatile and gentle for all skin types. You can use it to cleanse in the morning with a cotton pad. Cleans the dirt right off without drying your skin or the need for water. Personally, I use it post cleansing as the emulsion for my facial oil. Your skin needs to be damp when applying oils to help them sink into your skin. Loaded with antioxidant-rich Organic Algae, Resveratrol and Pomegranate. Locks in moisture and visibly reduces the appearance of signs of aging associated with dry skin and harsh climates.

This is great for sensitive eyes (some mists burn my eyes). All OSEA Malibu products are natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. OSEA offers many travel sizes which allow you to try a smaller size before committing. The travel size Vitamin Boost is 1 oz. $16 or 4 oz. $38. You can buy it here.







3. Leahlani Bless Beauty Balm $48.00

leahlani bless beauty balm review

Bless Beauty Balm is the perfect winter campanion

100% natural and pure face balm for acne prone skin

pink formula, free of dyes, fillers, or wax.

The hype is real with this BLESS BALM. Have you ever tried a balm? I began using balms instead of creams over 2 years ago. Why would a gal with oily(ish) skin use a balm? That deserves a dedicated post! But in a nutshell: it helps keep my skin balanced, clear of blemishes, hydrated, softens fine lines, and helps prime my skin for foundation. My skin is left silky soft and glowy. Make sure your skin is damp before applying it.

Bless is made from organic cold pressed oils and will help reduce inflammation. The concentrated beauty balm is free of water, wax, and emulsifiers. It compares in performance to other balms I’ve enjoyed well over $100+. The price is extremely competitive as a little goes a long way and this will last you a long time. You can buy Bless directly from their site here.

4. OSEA Eyes & Lips Cream, 1 oz. $60

osea eyes & lips cream review

treat your under eyes nicely by tapping with your ring finger to apply

Have you noticed fine lines forming around your eyes? I think we are all a bit skeptical with eye creams. Do they work? Are they worth the investment? I can get lazy and really don’t want another skincare step, am I right? I’m 28, and never used an eye cream regularly until a few months ago.

I began noticing creases under my eyes that felt new. I’m not afraid to age, I believe aging is a privilege. However, I would love to age gracefully with smooth skin for as long as possible. I think we can all agree on that. Hence why you are reading a skincare post! Yay I love you. Anyway, I chose a cream over an oil for under my eyes because I don’t want my concealer to budge and my under eyes are very sensitive to heavy oils. Intuitively I felt my under eyes needed a nourishing cream for day and night. In comes the OSEA Eyes + Lips cream.

In the few months I’ve used the cream, (daily 2x’s day) I have noticed significant fading of under eye creases. My concealer wears more smoothly throughout the day (less creasing) and no more under eye flakes. Now, it’s a cream, not magic so results take time and it probably won’t ever take me back to my crease free youth days, but I’m happy with the progress and my main concern is prevention. Also, the packaging is in an air tight pump allowing you complete control of how much (or little) product to disperse. Since you need the tiniest bit you can really make this product last an entire year I’d imagine, if not longer. If you’re in the market for an eye cream, I highly recommend you try this one. Find it on their website here. 

5. Manuka Honey, 17.7 oz $30

manuka honey skincare diy

raw honey goodness

Raw, unpasteurized and Non-GMO, 100% Manuka Honey. Used in your kitchen, home remedies, and diys but my favorite is for face masking. Or honey toast… close call!

Can’t you just use your regular honey in the teddy bear bottle? Yes, of course you can! But why would you, when you could make more efficient use of your time and money? Manuka honey is made from the flowers of the Manuka tree found in New Zealand. Manuka honey contains an extraordinary enzyme called methylglyoxal (MGO). This property is unique to Manuka honey and is not found in any other type of honey. The antibacterial properties of Manuka are also much higher than typical honey and it’s powerful at combatting inflammation.

Manuka honey is one of the most affordable ways to maintain healthy clear skin. Especially for those with inflamed, cystic, painful acne that is sensitive to the touch. If you are suffering from acne please heed my advice and buy yourself a jar of this honey. This isn’t only beneficial for acne, but also dry skin patches, flakes, or dull complexion. This one in particular is a powerhouse that has proven itself effective on countless people. You can buy it here on Amazon.

My teenage brother came to stay with me over the summer and I had him mask every night with this honey. Within a week he was blown away with the results. You can mask and eat honey toast at the same time… I mean do I really need to say more?

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