All products $45 and under at Citrine Beauty | All natural and mostly organic beauty products.

Feeling inspired to bring you my tried and true top 10 natural and organic beauty products all under one roof. These are all cruelty free brands of course. Citrine Beauty was my local beauty store for many years. I discovered many of these green beauty products at Citrine so it only felt natural to write this post. Citrine is known for it’s luxurious line up of brands, but I wanted to bring you my favorites $45 and under. Lucky for you I have a coupon code with Citrine Beauty ERIKA10 saves you on everything except May Lindstrom and KYPRIS. It is an affiliate code so it’s a win for both of us.

Modeling organic blush, Jane iredale matte lip liner, RMS Beauty living luminizer

1. Antonym small angled brush $12

Antonym small angled brush

angled liner brush + Jane Iredale liner

The Antonym brushes are synthetic {vegan}, cruelty-free, super soft, high quality brushes. Mine have never shed and I’ve been using my set for over a year. A stand out brush is the small angled brush. Since the hair is synthetic you can use cream or powder products. Perfect size for applying gel liner, eye shadow as liner, smudging pencil liner, and filling in brows. Works equally well on both the top and bottom lash line.

Antonym designed this brush to be precise and allow you to create a thin line that can easily be thickened with more pressure and product. I really like using this with the Jane Iredale liner. Alternatively, this brush can be used to contour your eyebrows. I don’t carve out my brows with concealer, but if that’s your jam then this is a multi-use brush for you. I like it as a brow filler, but you have to use a separate spoolie.





2. Jane Iredale Lip Pencils $15

Jane Iredale lip liner nutmeg swatch

photo by Citrine Beauty

The Jane Iredale lip pencils are soft enough to apply easily without tugging your lips.They offer a beautiful, long wearing matte finish on their own. Or can be used as a base layer for other lip products to help them last longer. Formulations are not organic, but made with jojoba and meadowfoam seed oil these liners are free from fd&c dyes. My favorite shade is nutmeg. It’s the perfect pink brown nude.

I wear nutmeg on it’s own or under light pink lipsticks that would normally look awkward on my tan skin tone. For example the Axiology lip crayon in Bliss. Bliss reminds me of the popular Kim K shades that I normally can’t pull off, so I need a lip liner like Nutmeg underneath. The vegan lip liner shades: nutmeg, nude, earth red, and pink. The rest contain carmine. If that’s an issue for you, always check the Jane Iredale website for labeling.

Modeling Jane Iredale lip liner in shade Nutmeg swatch

lips: Jane Iredale lip liner “nutmeg”



3. Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave-in Conditioner $24

innersense sweet spirit leave in conditioner

photo by Citrine Beauty

Currently on my 5th bottle and need to repurchase a new one soon. Innersense is by far the best detangler for both myself and my little children. I have long, thick, easily tangled hair. The Innersense leave-in is quite heavy and nourishing which makes it best applied to ends. Ingredients are all certified organic or organically grown plants.

Apply to wet hair for extra hydration, taming frizz, and minimizing breakage before brushing your hair. Also works great on dry tangled hair. My {almost} 4 year old daughter has fine, thin hair. Works great in between washes for her because it defines her delicate curls. It’s definitely not a styling spray though, you would still need a finishing product. I personally finish off my ends with a hair oil.


4. Vapour Beauty Organic Illusionist Concealer $24

photo by Citrine Beauty

The Vapour concealer is light coverage. The compact, metal, stick packaging is slim and convenient to apply directly to areas needing concealing. The creamy formula glides on without depositing too much product. It blends easily with the warmth of my index finger. First ingredient is organic sunflower seed oil and most of the ingredients are organic. This does not contain coconut oil or derivatives so great for those sensitive to coconut.

I use this for quick makeup looks or to highlight my face layered over foundation. The packaging makes it travel friendly and great for touch ups. For long wear time, I set with a powder to avoid creasing. Don’t expect full coverage here, this will not cover heavy blemishes or dark circles but it layers well with color correctors. This is perfect for natural makeup looks, highlighting your face, or creating a super-fast polished look. I love my full coverage concealer but it takes more time and a great deal of effort to blend.




5. INDIE LEE Blemish Stick $28

indie lee blemish stick is clear

photo by Citrine Beauty

Who needs a spot treatment for the occasional blemish? I think we all raised our hands. The Indie Lee blemish stick is for the average pimple or whitehead. Works very well and quickly if you apply it right when you feel that blemish arising. It will also work to shrink down a bigger pimple, but the longer you wait, the longer it takes to heal. You can also apply it before or after makeup. The formula is clear and very light weight so it does not disturb makeup. Lending it a fabulous on the go spot treatment you can throw in your bag.

There are some natural spot treatments that smell extremely strong and offensive to me. I can’t handle the smell of straight essential oil concentrate made for acne. There are some other effective spot treatments, but they are green or blue. Rendering them useless after makeup application. This particular treatment is neither offensive nor skin staining. On the flip side, I wouldn’t use it for severe acne, cystic acne or all over the face. Those issues need different products.




photo by Citrine Beauty

6. ILIA Lip Conditioner “Nobody’s Baby” $26

Earlier this year I purchased Ilia’s Nobody’s Baby after it had sat on my wish list for 2 years! I wasn’t sure how the nude would look on my skin tone but took a chance when I needed another item to reach free shipping. Happy I did, because I love the peachy tone in this sheer nude. Main ingredients include organic castor seed oil and organic sesame seed oil. This is a lip conditioner formula so it’s a very creamy formula that hydrates. Most of the ingredients are certified organic. Ilia is a great option if you are avoiding carmine as they have stated they do not and will not use carmine in their formulations.

Nobody’s Baby is sheer, definitely a ‘your lips but way better’ shade. After a few wears I realized how plump and young it made my lips look. I love to slip it in my pocket and apply it quickly without a mirror at work or yoga. My sister came to visit this summer and loved it so much I gave it to her. She isn’t big on lipstick so when she commented how much she liked it I wanted her to have it. Luckily, the girls at Citrine were kind enough to send me a replacement!

nobody's baby lip conditioner swatch

Nobody’s Baby swatch by Citrine Beauty


7. Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil $32

I discovered Indie Lee a few years ago in a Petit Vour box. The Squalane facial oil is vegan and derived from olives. Careful not to confuse with squalene, which is derived from shark liver. The only ingredient is 100% plant derived squalane oil. Suitable for many skin types including people with oily skin that are afraid to apply oils. Personally, I don’t believe in a set skin type, but my skin tends to toggle on the oily side. This was one of the first facial oils I used and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Squalane helps with skin elasticity, diminishes the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation, and improves skin tone and color. This helped me when my skin was very red and inflamed from acne and rosacea. It’s very affordable and since it contains no essential oils, it’s a great option for people with sensitive skin or prone to cystic acne. Although not organic, Indie Lee sources high quality ingredients without fillers or additives.



8. Kjaer Weis Certified Organic Blush “Precious” refill pan $32

kjaer weis organic blush precious

Hands down, the Kjaer Weis blush in Precious, is my all-time favorite blush. Precious is a peachy coral shade. Currently the lightest coral in their blush collection. Looks best on light to medium dark skin. Do you fear over blushing? Does blush accentuate redness in your skin? Then this blush is for you.

I can even wear it on bare skin {no foundation} and it looks great. Adds life and dimension to my face. Normally I never apply blush without a base of some sort because my skin always pulls red from past acne. Fortunately, I found this phenomenal shade that allows me to wear blush no matter how my skin is behaving. It’s hard to mess up, even with a heavy hand it never looks clownish.

The finish it matte, no shimmer, but gives a natural glow {not greasy}. I have oily skin and do not need to set with powder on my cheeks. Pairs marvelous with the RMS Living Luminizer. You can order it as a refill pan for $32 or with the metal refillable case for $56. I splurged and bought it with the case for traveling and photos. The refill pan is magnetic and can be stored in a magnetic palette, but careful not to store it with powders. I gave my sister a KW blush a few years ago and was dismayed to see she stored it with other powders that kicked up and ruined the cream blush. If you do opt for the metal case, when you run out of the blush you only need to buy the refill, or you can buy a different color because they all fit into the same size case.

KW is like the Chanel of green beauty, it’s expensive and that may or may not be your bag. KW has eco packaging, made in Italy, and crafted with extremely high-quality ingredients. All cream blushes are certified organic. The makeup performs as conventional makeup would.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kirsten the creator of KW at one of her master class makeup tutorials. She’s down to earth and extremely knowledgeable in formulating and ingredient sourcing. Not to mention a fabulous makeup artist.

Modeling organic blush, Jane iredale matte lip liner, RMS Beauty living luminizer

Highlight: RMS Living Luminizer, Blush: Kjaer Weis ‘Precious’

9. RMS Living Luminizer, organic highlighter $38

rms beauty highlight living luminizerUndoubtedly, my most used makeup product is the RMS Living Luminizer. It’s a highlight unlike any other I have worn. The magic is in its subtlety and sheer glow. You can see a light application in the above photograph. At first, I was skeptical, thinking it would be invisible on my skin. Then I found out Victoria Secret models wear RMS because Rose Marie Swift is their makeup artist… That was enough for me to try it.

Since I first applied it, I have not reached or bought any other highlight. I got this in December of 2016. When worn on bare skin, it doesn’t look like makeup, instead gives you a brilliant youthful glow and beauty. Even when I look like hell and got little sleep, this LL gives me LIFE! I instantly feel more put together and effortlessly beautiful. When worn over foundation, it gives you that sultry, I’m a goddess, Miranda Kerr look. The ingredients are minimal and all organic.


10. Suntegrity 5-1 Tinted Moisturizer $45

photo by Citrine Beauty

I recently ran out of the Suntegrity spf 30 and I need to repurchase immediately. This has been a staple in my routine for the past year. I wear it when I’m not wearing foundation. It’s a light coverage that evens skin tone, fills pores, and hydrates skin. I apply with my fingers to get the most coverage in the least amount of time. This is especially functional for dry skin friends, but I set mine with powder in the summer and it wears beautifully.

You can watch me apply it in my Lazy Day Makeup routine down below. It’s helpful for those days you want to look put together but only have a few minutes. The spf will protect your skin and make it look better too. I pair it with concealer for under eyes and to hide any blemishes. A great base for those that don’t want to wear foundation. Comes in 4 different shades, I wear ‘golden light’.

Please remember to wear SPF all-year-round. Even if you are a POC, you are still susceptible to uva + uvb rays. The rays cause sun damage that ages your skin like a grape and causes hyper-pigmentation. The active ingredient is zinc oxide 20% which is a physical sun blocker of both uva + uvb rays. The first ingredient is organic aloe vera which is very soothing to inflammation and calming to the skin. Great ingredients list, I encourage you to look it up.

For more on my beauty favorites, read about my birthday haul here. You can enter my SELF-CARE PACKAGE GIVEAWAY HERE. Have you tried any of these products? I’d love any feedback.



Watch a chatty Get Ready With Me featuring the Suntegrity 5-1 and RMS:




FTC: This post in not sponsored. This post contains affiliate links. I am an ambassador for Citrine Beauty, but Citrine did not send me any of these products except the ilia lip conditioner.